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I am married, father of 3 kids and live right outside of Brussels in Belgium. I love learning from new people, making connections and I am a big fan of all kinds of sports.

I am fascinated with everything that improves performance and wellbeing like health, fitness, education, goal-setting, motivation, influence, and communication.

I believe our world needs a new generation of leaders. Leaders that have the capacity to navigate our complex world by being grounded in who they really are, allowing them to inspire others to be at their best.

I believe all of us can have a positive impact on the people around us, by looking outwards, by searching for ways to be of service.

In my early twenties I dreamt of making a difference in the world, but I had no idea where to start. I was not sure where I wanted to go, and I felt lost.

Luckily, I had my sport: as a former international field hockey player, I had the opportunity to compete with and against the best players in the world. I felt an incredible energy and engagement at that time.

That excitement and engagement was in stark contrast with how I felt at work, and I decided that I wanted to feel the same in all my other activities as well.

It was a painful experience to be stuck for those years, not really engaged and unable to express my best self.

I have made it my mission today to create better leaders – new leaders – who can inspire and support all those people who are just like me in my early days – flying under the radar, waking up without a strong sense of purpose, and feeling unfulfilled at work. I hope to create new leaders who can help others step up and find their way more quickly.

Today, together with all my colleagues at TPC Leadership around the world, we believe that “better leaders make better organiza­tions,” and we wake up every day to make that a reality.

My humble intent is to inspire you to become a New Leader, in your own way!



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Laurent Jacquet - New Leaders


More than 3 books? Contact me